Our Vision

Gains and Glory is where I got my start in the fitness industry. Jeremy and Abby (the previous owners) hired me as a manager and personal trainer. My goal, ever since I knew I wanted to make a career in fitness, was to give that young athlete a fighting chance to make it to the next level. I did not just want to train them and collect money. Money was a side product. I wanted to mold them and teach them how to be successful men and women and how to face the hardships of the world head on. Now that I own the gym, I can reach even more kids and change lives for the better through fitness. For me, the gym is an escape from real life. It gave me an opportunity to better myself on my own terms and gave me the confidence I needed to tackle the world. I would love nothing more than to pass that on in my community. 

Levi Dickerson (Owner)

Our Team
Levi Dickerson | Owner | Gains & Glory | 24-hour Gym | Lufkin, Texas

T. 936-414-5124

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USA Boxing Certified Boxing Coach

Golden Gloves Champion

Bachelor's Degree in Kinesiology

Coach Ivorie Ford | F.I.F.T.H. Quarter Sports Performance | Gains and Glory Gym | Lufkin, Texas

T. 936-219-7660

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F.I.F.T.H. Quarter Performance Trainer since 2017

Honor Graduate of University of Texas Arlington



Kristen Woodard

(Yoga, Pilates, Trainer)

Over 10 years experience

Group classes and privates in Yoga, Meditation, Breath Work
Mat Pilates
Small Weight Training
Nia Dance

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Cody Drake (Trainer)

(936) 240-4113
10 years training experience
Specializes in General Population
Can accommodate any fitness level


CODY PACK (Trainer)

(936) 414-2531


Over 3 years training experience and specializes in General Population. Can accommodate any fitness level. 

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Jeremy and Abby founded Gains and Glory in 2018 with one goal: to help their community become healthier and happier. That goal has not changed since ownership was passed on to their manager and friend, Levi Dickerson in March 2021.